Processing Community Day
Processing Community Day
Processing Community Day

A day to celebrate creativity, code and community!

Last year the Processing Foundation organised the first Processing Community Day, taking place at MIT Media Lab. This year the Processing Foundation invited communities all around the world to organise their own local Processing Community Days. For the Processing Community Day in The Netherlands, Creative Coding Amsterdam and Creative Coding Utrecht join forces to organise two days, one in Utrecht and one in Amsterdam, with the support of our partners Sensor Lab and FIBER.

More information about Processing Community Day Worldwide

Two days filled with

workshops, talks, show & tell, brainstorms and discussions.

Two days about

code, creativity, diversity, activism, art and community.

When & Where

PCD Utrecht

DAY: Saturday 26 January 2019
TIME: 10.00 - 19.00
WHERE: Sensor Lab: Plompetorengracht 4, Utrecht

PCD Amsterdam

DAY: Saturday 9 February 2019
TIME: 10.00 - 19.00
WHERE: FIBER: Tolhuisweg 2, Amsterdam

Open Call

Please join us in creating two amazing Processing Community Days in The Netherlands where we celebrate openness and where our community of makers, designers, coders, researchers, students and everyone interested will shape the events.

Do you have something you want to share? Would you like to give a workshop? Organize a panel discussion? Do an algorithmic dance performance? Have a brainstorm session about Machine Learning? Show a project you have finished or are still working on? Or do you just want to build some interactive space ships with others using p5.js? Please share your ideas by applying to the form below and join our discussion at Processing Discourse.

All ideas are welcome around the themes; code, community, diversity, pedagogy, creativity, play and design. Projects and workshops don’t have to be focussed on Processing, they can also include or showcase other frameworks or be more physical based projects.

10 minute session

Show & tell
Short performance
Live demo
Fun short activity

25 minute session

In depth show & tell
Live demo
Panel discussion

1 hour session

Demo workshops
Group discussion

3 hour session

Other longer activity

Open call is closed.


Utrecht 26-01-19

Start 10.00 : doors open at 9.30


Bare Metal Size Coding with F#READY
PCD LA Recap with Saskia Freeke
Knitting bit by bit with Martin Kloos
Acid Solder Club Utrecht with Veerle Pennock
Hunting Bugs for Fun and Profit with Jakub Valtar
Painting with Light with Luis Ferreira
Creative Coding in Education @ HKU Games & Interaction with Aaron Oostdijk


Bring your work, show it, talk about it and code together!


OPENRNDR framework with RNDR / Edwin Jakobs and Gabor Kerekes
3D-Printing with Processing with Rick Companje


Closing discussion
Performance Lecture: A WebPage in Three Acts with Joana Chicau


Come and jam, everyone welcome, music & visuals!

END 19.00 or when we done live coding

Check the full program with descriptions about the sessions!

Please RSVP with a free ticket!

Amsterdam 09-02-19

Check the programme here!

Get your free tickets through the link
Full tickets | 11:00 - 0:00 | SOLD OUT
(Talks, Playground, Expo + Evening Programme included)
Evening Tickets | 20:30 - 0:00 | AVAILABLE
(AV performances & Music)


Creative Coding Utrecht (CCU) & Creative Coding Amsterdam (CCA)

Saskia Freeke (CCA & CCU)
Sietse van der Meer (CCU & FIBER)
Lisa Rombout (CCA)
Jarl Schulp (FIBER)
Fabian van Sluijs (CCU)
Carolien Teunisse (CCU)
Sabrina Verhage (CCA)


Mail us with any questions you have