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Processing Community Day
Processing Community Day

Program Processing Community Day Utrecht


Please get your free ticket through the link below. All day free, including workshops!


DAY: Saturday 26 January 2019
TIME: 10.00 - 19.00
WHERE: Sensor Lab: Plompetorengracht 4, Utrecht



There will be coffee and tea

10.00 : WELCOME

Welcome with Saskia Freeke & Fabian van Sluijs & Carolien Teunisse
Program Introduction with Saskia Freeke
CCU 2019 preview with Fabian van Sluijs


10 minute sessions

PCD LA Recap with Saskia Freeke

Saskia visited Processing Community Day in Los Angeles to give a talk about her daily art practise. At PCD Utrecht she will share highlights of the talks and sessions and all other insights you need to know!

Saskia Freeke


Painting with Light with Luis Ferreira

Ever imagined how it would be if you could paint with light? Controlling something so essential to our existence in the tip of a brush. This presentation will talk about the meeting of ideas that generated the Light Canvas, a walk-through of the technology behind it and it’s biggest technical challenges.


Light Canvas

Light Canvas

Acid Solder Club Utrecht with Veerle Pennock

The Acid Solder Club is a small universe in Utrecht where anyone interested in soldering or working with electronics is welcome to join. You can work on your current projects or get started with building new (modular) modules, audiovisual instruments, finally putting together that guitar pedal or if you simply just want to solder some led's together, its all possible. The Acid Solder Club aims to not only be a learning environment where one can start their solder journey, but also combine these interests with the fun of music, beers and jamsessions.

Acid Solder Club Facebook Page

Veerle Pennock

Acid Solder Club Utrecht

Hunting Bugs for Fun and Profit with Jakub Valtar

n his artistic practice, Jakub likes to push Processing to the limit, and sometimes things break. Luckily he also enjoys diving into the internal code and making things right. In this short talk he will take you on an amusing roller coaster ride of hunting down a visual glitch rooted in depths of the P3D renderer, while sharing some useful debugging tips on the way. Website

Jakub Valtar

Jakub Valtar Work

Creative Coding in Education @ HKU Games & Interaction with Aaron Oostdijk

HKU Games & Interaction has always seen itself as a place where creative expression should thrive, but until recently didn't explicitly offer courses about creative coding. Aaron Oostdijk reflects on the challenges and opportunities that surround creative coding in education at HKU as it stands today.

HKU Games & Interactie HKU Games & Interactie

HKU Games & Interactie



25 minute sessions

Bare Metal Size Coding with F#READY

In the demoscene there are competitions where creativity is limited by the file size of the executable demo. Size coding is the art of crafting code to fit within the imposed size limits. This presentation will be a humble introduction into size coding at the hardware level (bare metal). Some examples and code snippets will be shown.



Happy 2019

Knitting bit by bit with Martin Kloos

For the last three years I've been knitting (up to four color) images with my machine, and 'hacking' the machine itself. This talk would mostly center around how I used (mostly) Processing to move from creating custom laser cut punch cards to hacking the rom and visualizing the data. It's something that I'm still working on, but it might be interesting.


Martin Kloos

Martin Kloos


During lunchtime grab yourself a nice sandwich, show your work, chat and code together your ideas. We like to invite everyone who is attending to bring their project and show them during lunchtime. Projects can be finished, work in progress, or just an idea you would like to get feedback on or help with.


OPENRNDR framework with RNDR / Edwin Jakobs, Gabor Kerekes

In the workshop we give an introduction to the OPENRNDR framework. OPENRNDR forms a new set of tools and adds a new taste to creative coding. The framework is written in the Kotlin programming language, which comes with an interesting set of language features that offer new ways of structuring programs. The introduction will be practical; participants are instructed and assisted to make a series of generative posters using the tools that OPENRNDR offers. The workshop will be at a beginner level but we welcome expert participants. Bring a laptop, OPENRNDR supports macOS, Windows and Linux platforms.


SIGN UP for the RNDR workshop

Edwin Jakobs Gabor Kerekes


3D-Printing with Processing with Rick Companje

A 3D-printer is 'just' a simple robot controlled by even simpler commands. You can be totally in charge of how the printer moves and when and how much plastic it extrudes when you write your own code to control it. During the workshop you will learn to write your own code in Processing to steer one of the eight Ultimaker 2go 3D-printers available during the day. By writing your own code you can print things otherwise not possible with regular 3D-printing software. Whether you want to create generative 3D-designs, use it as a live 3D-sketching tool or something completely different... it's is up to you.

Basic knowledge of Processing (or Java or openFrameworks) required.

Software: - Processing IDE - Arduino IDE (or at least USB Serial drivers to communicate with the Ultimaker 2go)


SIGN UP for the 3D Printing/Processing workshop

Rick Companje Workshop Rick




A WebPage in Three Acts with Joana Chicau

“A WebPage in Three Acts” is an assemblage of live coded visual experiments performed in the web browser. The screen becomes an open stage for the hybrid code which links choreography and web programming; body and language. The computer screen is divided in two stages: the ‘frontstage’, the interface a user normally accesses and the ‘backstage’ or the web console in which programming languages can be run. In the web console Joana Chicau calls, juxtaposes and manipulates different web programming actions which are named after choreographic concepts. The page originally filled with information, will be deconstructed, with elements being set in motion, displaying a varied composition of graphic elements in the screen. The performance structure is divided in three acts, and comprehends physical movement.


Joana Photo credit Ana Caria and Leonor Fonseca


CCU closed last year with a great live code jam session, we will do the same to close PCD Utrecht, as well to celebrate the new year! Our live code hero Timo Hoogland will introduce the format and show his skills as well! The code jam is an open podium for live coded/programmed improvisation. The idea is simple: we have time slots of ~15 minutes to improvise a piece of code (from scratch), after 15 minutes your 'patch' should (artificially) crash. We invite live coders, visual artists, musicians and performers to bring their instruments and take the stage.

Code Jam

Timo Hoogland

Live coding experimental electronic music. Polyrhythmic patterns, spacious synths and arpeggiating basslines. All code and visuals generated in real time with a custom designed environment called Mercury.

Timo Hoogland Photo credit Patrick Jonkman

Timo Hoogland Photo credit Patrick Jonkman

Join us for Processing Community Day Amsterdam

PCD Amsterdam

Open Call deadline Amsterdam: 28-01-19


Mail us with any questions you have


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